How to Buy

Step #1 – Option Choices

Each Ariel is built to order for its owner who can choose from a variety of options & colors. We love to speak with potential owners to work through what options may be best suited to their desired end use. You can give us a call with what you think you need.....or you can always just call and we can start from scratch. The biggest thing you need to summarize is what are your goals with this car? Will you be going to the track every week? Never? Looking for a replacement for a motorcycle? Let us know.

Step #2 – Build Deposit Calculation

We understand that the process of purchasing a bespoke vehicle may be new to some customers (if not daunting). One way to ease your mind is our deposit structure. Welcome to the 30/60/ 10 system...

  • Build Deposit - 30% of the total build price is all that is needed for our skilled fabricators to start the first step of your Ariel build...the chassis fabrication! After the chassis is completed, it is powder coated and prepped for Final Assembly.
  • Final Assembly Deposit - 60% of the total build price is due once our trained technicians are ready to bolt parts & pieces to the chassis to start forming the complete car.
  • Completion Deposit - 10% of the total build price is due once your new Ariel has been fully completed, tested, and approved. We will send you Hi-resolution pictures of your newly completed Ariel to confirm that you are completely satisfied with the build.

Step #3 – Submit Order

Congratulations! You are one step closer to Atom ownership. At this stage we will sign off on a purchase order, confirm your Build Deposit, and place your build into the queue. We will provide you with your chassis # at this time so that you can track your specific build. From this stage onwards, we let technicians on the shop floor take over and bring your Ariel to life.

Build Process

Step #1 – Chassis Fabrication

Each North American Ariel is built, under license, by TMI AutoTech's manufacturing facility in Halifax County, Virginia, USA. The chassis requires tube rolling, bending, and notching for a variety of tubes on the Ariel. In addition the use of other machinery such as a CNC Mill, lathes, and a press break allows for every bracket, mount, and fixture to be made in-house. Inventory is kept for these components, allowing a fabricator to pull the required parts as needed and tack them together on designated chassis fixtures. With all the tubes in place final welding is completed using a combination of MIG and TIG welding. If at any point you would like pictures or a breakdown of your vehicles status, simply contact your Factory Representative or Dealer and they will be happy to pass it along.

Step #2 – Powder Coating

Using your predetermined color, selected during the ordering stage, dedicated technicians will apply medium and bake your newly fabricated chassis with the finest and most durable coatings available.


Step #3 – Final Assembly

A trained assembly technician will take your chassis and turn it into a completed vehicle at this point. Prior to the chassis arriving back with a powder coat finish they have pulled all the parts for your vehicle and completed many sub-assembly tasks. Items of note that are ready and waiting to be brought together in the chassis are a Honda engine & transmission, suspension components, as well as all of your bodywork. More pictures can be sent to you as major steps are completed in the assembly.

Step #4 – Initial Run

Once your Ariel has completed the Final Assembly process, a technician will run it through a series of tests to ensure everything is as it should be. Typical sequence is to start the engine and bring it to operating temperature while monitoring the computer. After this step is complete the car will be rolled outside and driven a short distance.

Step #5 – DRIVE Test

This ensures everything is working as it should be and is ready for you to enjoy upon arrival in your garage.

Step #6 - Pre-Delivery Inspection

A designated technician (other than the builder) is tasked to perform a thorough inspection of each component of the vehicle. This process is hours long to ensure everything has been assembled correctly.

Final Step – Showroom Shots & pickup/delivery scheduling

We document every build with high-resolution photos that are sent to you for approval. At this stage you are also welcome to come to the factory, or your local dealer, and allow us to walk you through the vehicle from front to back. We also work with a hand full of transportation companies that can deliver your new Ariel to your door step, let us know if you would like this set up.

Sales and Dealer Points

Dealer Locations
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Forman Motorworks
1637 W. Knudsen - H200
Phoenix , AZ 85027
Phone: 623-910-3020

Eastern Region

Two Wheels World
"Se Habla Español"
840 S Andrews Ave
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
Phone: 954-788-9550


Roadsport Ariel
940 Ellesmere Road
Toronto, ON
Phone: 416-291-9501

Manufacturing Headquarters
Technical Support

Ariel North America
1201 Industrial Park Rd.
South Boston, VA
Phone: 434-575-1257

Dealer Stock

Ariel Atom For Sale & Ariel Nomad For Sale

If you prefer instant gratification over a custom build, check out these units available from our dealers:

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