The Ariel Atom 4

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Every so often something comes along which changes the way we think. Nobody knows it at the time but it will become an icon. The Ariel Atom is such a product. No doors, no roof, no compromise. It’s unique, it's original and nothing else comes close. Nothing at all. Form following function and design with a purpose. Race car engineering and quality components outclassing every car in its field. In performance the Atom surpasses practically any vehicle. Serious motor sport or ultimate fun, the Atom delivers. It really is like nothing else you’ll drive.

Look at the specification. Double unequal length wishbones, pushrod operated inboard dampers, adjustable outboard rod ends, lightweight fabricated uprights. This is single seater technology made usable and affordable. Adjustment for ride height, for toe, for camber, to quickly set the car up for driver or track. Or simply leave it where it is and enjoy it. Race car dynamics, reliable driveability. This is more than a car. It is
a tool.

Walk around the Atom and names begin to leap out. Bilstein, Eibach, Willans. Look deeper between the chassis tubes and the spokes of the wheels, there’s more. AP Racing, Goodridge, Tilton, ITG, AIM Technologies. Adjustable front/rear bias brakes, twin master cylinders, composite bodywork, alloy adjustable pedals, four point harnesses, competition steering rack. This is a car that has been designed to a specification, not built down to a price.

Lift the rear cover, another name. An important one. Honda. Makers of the best engines in the world. Bar none. And here in the Atom the Direct Injection, Turbocharged K20C Honda 2.0 liter i- VTEC. 16 valves, variable timing and lift, electronic control. Remarkable and reliable Honda power. Low speed tractability with race engine dynamics. Honda provenance, Ariel tuning. Now look further. Fabricated stainless exhaust system, ram air system, dedicated electronic control unit. The Ariel detailing.

Settle into the ergonomically molded composite seat and the tubular chassis surrounds you. Protection, space, even for big guys, and torsional strength. Engineering dictating aesthetics. Bronze and TIG welded by hand, phosphated and powder coated, the Atom chassis reflects the visible attention to detail and quality everywhere. Turn the suede steering wheel and the lightweight alloy rack responds instantly.

Flip the ignition. You see the TFT dash spring to life. Press the starter. The engine instantly settles to a quiet tickover. Track or traffic the Atom is ready. Then launch the car, slow or fast, city center or race track. To 60mph in 2.8 seconds, to 100mph in 6.8 seconds. Over 500bhp per tonne in standard, unmodified form. Astounding figures. Quicker than a Ferrari, more lateral G than a Porsche GT3. Giant killing performance for a fraction of the price. This is race car territory, but obtainable and reliable.

Choose to make your Atom even more unique? Wheel and tire packages, damper options, brake options, two different screens. Aerofoils, carbon bodywork, stainless components, competition parts and a whole host more to make your Atom just that. Your Atom. Plus a guiding hand to specify in exact and precise detail the right car for you. Whatever its use.

Uniquely designed, beautifully made, astonishing performance. The essence of the Atom is no compromise, total driver involvement. The bottom line really is stunningly serious fun.


Power • 320 BHP @ 6500rpm
Torque • 310 lb/ft @ 3000rpm
0-60 mph • 2.8 seconds / 0-100 mph • 6.80 seconds / Top speed • 162 mph


• Honda - K20C 4Cyl i-VTEC, Direct Injected/Turbocharged
• Displacement: 1996cc
• Bore & Stroke: 86mm x 85.9mm
• Valvetrain: Chain Drive DOHC 4 Valves Per Cylinder
Increased Power Output to 350 BHP - Option
3-Stage Variable Boost Controller - Option
Adjustable Traction Control - Option


Front: 290mm Vented Discs w/AP Racing 4-Piston Calipers*
• Rear: 290mm Vented Discs w/AP Racing 4-Piston Calipers*
• Tilton aluminum racing pedal box
• Twin master cylinders adjustable front/rear brake bias
• Parking brake
Cockpit Adjustable Brake Bias - Option
Track Compound Brake Pads - Option
2-Piece Rotors - Option


6 Speed + Reverse w/Aluminum Casing
• Rear Wheel Drive
Limited Slip Differential - Option


• Bilstein Single Adjustable Dampers - Road Valving*
• 2-Piece Eibach Springs*
• Double Unequal Length Wishbones
• Adjustable Track and Push Rods - Camber/Toe/Height
• Lightweight Machined Aluminium Uprights
• Aluminium Bellcranks
Bilstein MDS Double Adjustable Dampers - Option
Ohlins TTX 3-Way Adjustable Dampers - Option
Race Needle Roller Bellcranks - Option
Race Grade Rod Ends - Option


• TFT color digital display/PDM system

* Standard Equipment - Exclusively for North America


The most thorough and complete overhaul of the Ariel Atom in its 20 year history
— Top Gear

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The Ariel Atom 4 is the biggest platform change in the Atom’s history.
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