Ariel North America, Ariel Atom, and Ariel Nomad - Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do you have an Ariel Atom for sale or Ariel Nomad for sale Immediately?

A - Yes, although we build cars to order, many times our dealers will have available stock ready for purchase. You can view dealer stock using this link →

Q - Ariel Atom Registration / Ariel Nomad Registration - Can I drive an Ariel vehicle on the roads in the USA?

A - Although the Ariel is not a "Federalized vehicle", many Ariel owners have followed the laws of their home state and registered their vehicles for road use.  This process may vary from state to state.  We recommend that you research Custom Built, Specially Constructed, or Kit Car registration in your home state. Should you have questions please contact us here.

Q - Will I fit in an Ariel Atom or Nomad?

A - We feel that the comfort range for Ariel vehicles allows for owners up to approx. 6'5" tall.  This can depend on proportions so please feel free to contact us to discuss.  Generally leg room is the biggest concern with clients fitting comfortably who have an inseam up to approximately 36" .

Q - How do I purchase an Ariel vehicle?

A - Each Ariel is built with you in mind - you will choose all of your options right down to chassis color! A full breakdown of the purchase process can be found here →

Q - Generally how long does a build take?

A- Various option choices could affect build times but as a starting point it generally takes 4-6 months for a new build.

Q - Is financing available through Ariel North America?

A - Not directly.  Many of our customers who have financed their builds have done so using a line of credit from their local bank. There are also web based lenders such as Lightstream.

Q - What are the current Ariel models are available in the USA?

A - Ariel North America manufactures the Ariel Atom 3S, Ariel Atom 3, Ariel Nomad Tactical, and Ariel Nomad Sport.

Q - Where would I have my Ariel vehicle serviced?

A - Many owners enjoy the ease of maintenance on the Ariel to engage in some maintenance on their own, you can even find DIY information here .  If this is not your thing - many owners work with specialty garages, performance shops, or even local Honda dealers for service.  Reliability is a strong suit of the Ariel vehicles.

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