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Few people are fortunate enough the experience the visceral feeling that only Ariel can provide; even fewer are lucky enough to call one theirs. We strive to offer the upmost in customer service, even after the sale of the vehicle. Please browse our selection of Accessories, Parts, and Service to ensure a lifetime of thrills or to show off your love for the Ariel brand.



The Ariel Nomad is released to the North America public in 2016 with numerous deliveries to clients across the USA.  Built using the same attention to detail, and the same grin on your face as the Atom....but with more suspension travel! 


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June 16, 2016 - TMI AutoTech was pleased to officially open cut the ribbon on our new manufacturing facility in Halifax County, Virginia.  The event was attended by many local and state officials with both Sen. Frank Ruff and Secretary Maurice Jones speaking during the ceremony. 

The new facility will allow for continued growth in all areas of business with in-house capability for machining, tube fabrication, welding, assembly, painting, composites manufacturing.  a brand new showroom also awaits clients as they come to view their new vehicles.

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The new era of the Ariel Atom in North America has arrived, and TMI AutoTech is pleased to release the most aggressive and mind blowing performance figures for the Ariel Atom platform.  Please welcome the Atom 3S.


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