The Ariel Nomad Sport

"It's like driving a brand-new Miata, if that Miata had a nitrous tank the size of a St. Bernard and both you and the car were completely naked." - R&T

Tackle the curves...

You love corners of every shape and condition.  Tarmac on the road or track.  Pot Holes be damned!  The Ariel Nomad Sport is the perfect tool to get your pulse racing.  Well equipped, rugged, light-weight, Honda-powered reliability and sport tuned to annihilate any road – regardless of condition!

The Nomad Sport is the rally racer to fulfill your dreams:

Nomad Sport Specifications


1450 LBS

• 0-60mph: ≈3.5 sec • 0-100mph: ≈8 sec

• 1/4 mile: ≈ ≈12.5 sec • Top Speed: ≈120mph

• 230 bhp @7500 RPM • 200 lbs/ft torque @4400 RPM

Starting At $80,000


  • Honda 2.4L i-VTEC (K24Z7)

  • 6-Speed Manual gearbox w/ limited slip differential

  • Proprietary Intake/Exhaust System

  • Primary aluminum radiator


  • Tuned Coilovers using JRi Dampers

  • Double unequal length fabricated wishbones

  • Heavy Duty fabricated uprights

  • Quick Ratio alloy Rack & Pinion

  • Quick-Release motorsport suede steering wheel


  • Wilwood four-piston sport calipers

  • vented discs

  • Tilton adjustable aluminum pedal box

  • Tilton paired front/rear master cylinders

  • Full length stainless steel brake lines

  • Performance pad fiction materal


  • Team Dynamic12-Spoke Design F:18x8" R:18x8"

  • BFG Advantage T/A Sport F:225/55/18 R: 225/55/18

Vehicle Electronics

  • LCD back lit digital dash with speed, RPM, temperature, fuel level, odometer, gear position, and shift-light display

  • Competition master safety switch

  • RFID Electronic Immobilizer System (two fobs)

  • Road Lighting Kit Standard

Engine electrical/Fuel

  • Indirect multi-port grouped fuel injection

  • Proprietary tuned Hondata engine management

  • Continuous flow Marwal 3.5 bar fuel pump

  • Twin Fuel Filters

  • 13 gallon aluminum fuel tank


  • Engineered Jig Utilization

  • Primary Bronze welds

  • CNC Component Construction

  • Laser Cut/Notched

  • Crew/DOM Low Carbon Steel

  • Aluminum bulkheads

  • 282 point primary/secondary QC inspection

  • Powder Coat Finish

  • Flexible roto-mold toughened polyethylene/composite mix


  • Length: 3556mm

  • Height: 1499mm

  • Width: 1854mm



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The Ariel Nomad sport is the perfect tool to get your pulse racing.
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