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Proven Performance - For the track

Building on the incredible worldwide success of the Ariel Atom as an ultra-performance Road car, the only next logical step is to transform it into a successful competition car. With this in mind, a reworked platform has been designed & developed by Ariel NA based off the thoroughbred Ariel Atom 3 production chassis. The result provides each owner with a safe, durable and highly cost effective track day car.

Performance Through Design

Reduced weight is mandatory in a track focused machine. We are already ahead of the game with the Atom’s exo-skeleton design helping eliminate all but necessary body panels. The magic ratio of power:weight is simply second nature for us...

Safety First

Our vehicles are designed to be pushed to their limits. Our Motorsport focused platform provides a fully welded roll structure, reinforced seating, and FIA approved harnesses are all standard features on our track offerings.

Track Inspired Equipment

Double adjustable Dampers, Remote Brake Bias knob, and adjustable push rods all allow you to find that perfect set-up for your driving style.

Reduced Running Costs

Track Day veterans know that the upfront vehicle cost is just one component of cost. The Atoms power:weight ratio, that delivers supercar performance, also contributes to reduced wear on consumables during your track weekend. Tires, Brake Pads, Brake Rotors, and other service items are less stressed when pushing around a car that weighs less than 1400 lbs. Many owners are thrilled that they can run an entire season on brakes that cost less than one rotor from a competing platform.


Our partnership with Honda Performance Development allows us to source brand new crate engines and transmissions for your build. Additional oil coolers, coolant radiators, and even a motorsports fuel system have all have contributed to reliable running of track dedicated cars since 2011.

Just Have Fun

There is no denying the visceral feeling that an open wheel and open cockpit car can deliver (especially in a track environment). Leave any worries of reliability, running costs, proper equipment usage, or under performance in the dust - Our Motorsport offerings will certainly have a smile on your face the entirety of your track season.

Uniquely designed, beautifully made, astonishing performance. The essence of the Atom is no compromise, total driver involvement. The bottom line really is stunningly serious fun.


Naturally Aspirated

Power • 230 bhp @7500 RPM
Torque • 200 lbs/ft torque @4400 RPM
0-60 mph • ≈3.3 seconds / 0-100 mph • ≈7.2 Seconds
• VIR Full Course Record: ≈2:01


Power • 365 bhp @7300 RPM
Torque • 310 lbs/ft torque @4400 RPM
0-60 mph • ≈2.8 seconds / 0-100 mph • ≈6.7 Seconds
• VIR Full Course Record: ≈1:56


• Honda - K24Z7 2.4L 4Cyl i-VTEC,
• Displacement: 2354cc
• Bore & Stroke: 87mm x 99mm
• Valvetrain: Chain Drive DOHC 4 Valves Per Cylinder
• Custom fabricated exhaust header & pipe with race muffler
Complete Turbo Package (w/Sidepods, 365 BHP) - Option


Front: 290mm 2-Piece Discs w/Wilwood 4-Piston Calipers
• Rear: 290mm 2-Piece Discs w/Wilwood 4-Piston Calipers
• Tilton aluminum racing pedal box
• Twin master cylinders adjustable front/rear brake bias
Cockpit Adjustable Brake Bias
• Track Compound Brake Pads

Safety Equipment:

• Kirkey Intermediate Aluminum Road Race Driver Seat
• SFI/FIA-approved 6-pt. HANS-approved race harness
• On-board fire bottle (detachable)


6 Speed + Reverse w/Aluminum Casing
• Rear Wheel Drive
• Limited Slip Differential


• QA1 Double Adjustable Dampers - Track Valving
• 1-Piece Hyperco Springs (F: 400# R: 300# spring rates)
• Double Unequal Length Wishbones
• Adjustable Track and Push Rods - Camber/Toe/Height
• Lightweight Fabricated Uprights
• Steel Bellcranks


• Race Technology Dash 2 digital dash w/custom switch pane


• Full MIG-welded tubular steel chassis
• SCCA/NASA Compliant DOM/ERW mild steel tubing
• Precision laser cut and/or end-mill coped tubing joints
• Reinforced safety structure added under pedal area


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The Spec:RaceAtom makes your track days more enjoyable than ever. Fast, Reliable, and cost effective! Join the ariel Motorsport family today!


The Track Attack takes your track EXPERIENCE to the next level. standard features INCLUDE fenders, windscreen, painted bodywork, and more!


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