Ariel Atom 3R Pictures Released!

We are getting close to completing the first orders of the Ariel Atom 3R! This is our limited run, high-revving, supercharged, and carbon packed Ariel Atom for the North American market. At this time, we only have four (4) build spots left. Don't miss out on this opportunity, contact us today to reserve your build-

Ariel Atom 3R Info

15,000 miles, Yearly - We look into what its like to long term test the Ariel Atom and Ariel Nomad

-Enjoying the roads around Halifax County, Virginia in the Ariel Atom 3S

-Enjoying the roads around Halifax County, Virginia in the Ariel Atom 3S

I am in a unique, some say lucky, situation where I have access to our full Ariel line up for driving on a regular basis. Now don't get the wrong impression, this is not joy rides and cruising for looks down Main Street, it is generally traveling to/from car shows, events, or testing. 99% of the time I'm behind the wheel it is work related (pinky swear...). Given this opportunity - I have seen both oceans, driven through deserts/canyons/highways/byways/cities/towns, seeing the world roll by through the windshield of the exoskeleton design Ariel is known for. My rough calculations come out to putting a combined 15,000 miles a year on the odometers of Ariel Atoms and Ariel Nomads alike.

Given my position, as Director of Sales for Ariel North America, I try to be as objective as possible... I've been hot, cold, wet, and sun burnt in my travels. Keeping in mind that this is territory that comes with open motoring, Ariel ownership can only described as an experience.

-Exploring dirt roads around Big Sur, California in the Ariel Nomad Tactical

-Exploring dirt roads around Big Sur, California in the Ariel Nomad Tactical

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I know "experience" can be somewhat of a cliche' these days with every company from Ferrari to Subaru offering an "experience"....  Just take one look at the Ariel Atom or Ariel Nomad and you know every minute behind the wheel is going to be the "experience" you're looking for. Ariel bridges that magical gab between performance/driving dynamics/open motoring/exclusivity and outright fun factor then pairs it with reliability/low cost of ownership. 

-On set with the Grand Tour at the El Mirage dry lake beds with the Ariel Nomad Sport

-On set with the Grand Tour at the El Mirage dry lake beds with the Ariel Nomad Sport

Since the Nomad came online for North America a year ago, I have been asked which is my favorite to drive between it and the Atom. This is still up in the air for me. I have now driven on 10+ hour road long trips (including driving from SoCal to Monterey and back), attended countless car shows , and obeyed the speed limit on hundreds (if not thousands) of miles of back country roads in both the Atom and Nomad. My decision between the two leans towards the Nomad; this strictly due to my adventurous/curious personality. The Nomad's versatility allows it to not have paved roads dictate where you must go. In saying that - the itch for Hyper Car levels of acceleration is quickly relieved within seconds of wheel time in the Atom 3S... The Atom also has the advantages of quick & easy ingress/egress along with the perks of being asked "Is that the Atom Jeremy Clarkson drove on Top Gear?!?!" at every gas station. 

-Our Ariel Nomad Tactical demo in its seemingly natural color (mud covered) and the Ariel Atom 3S

-Our Ariel Nomad Tactical demo in its seemingly natural color (mud covered) and the Ariel Atom 3S

Looking back on the road trips, track days, dinner outings, video production sets, exotic car rallies, and Tens of Thousands of accumulated miles in an Ariel - I couldn't think of a better time I've had or car I would rather be in.

- Jesse Kenealy - Director of Sales, Ariel North America:

2017 Ariel Nomad Tactical - Basalt "Battleship" Grey Chassis and Body Panels

This Ariel Nomad build is a particular favorite of ours due to its "Battle Ready" appearance. The owner didn't hold back on options when spec'ing the car out and the result is absolutely stunning. Equipped with most notably the Ohlins Dampers (with their distinctive gold/yellow finish standing out as being the only color on the car) and Supercharger option - the owner is going to have a blast running the Fire/Dirt Roads that surround his mountain home. Check out the pictures below and contact us to get started on your build!

Ariel North America Website Launched

Welcome to the new home for Ariel North America!  We are pleased to launch this new site as a streamlined display to showcase all of the Ariel vehicles that are manufactured in North America. We thank you if you had previously visited our 2 sites which housed separate Ariel Atom, and Ariel Nomad information.  Bringing all of the information together in a common location we believe will help answer your questions more accurately.

TMI AutoTech, Inc. was founded in 2008 with the purpose of manufacturing the Ariel Atom 3 for the North American market.  Continuous improvement, new products, and great clients have allowed for the brand to grow.  With this growth we wanted to provide a new website that will provide more detailed information on each model, in addition to images that work to show up close views of various options.

Detailed information for the Ariel Atom 3, Ariel Atom 3R, Ariel Atom 3S can be found along with great examples of previous builds to provide a glimpse of how various colors look on these exotic machines.

The newest addition to the Ariel lineup, the Ariel Nomad, can be found here as well with details and photos showing the differences between the 2 models offered.  The Nomad Tactical, or the Nomad Sport provide an excellent range of use for drivers and adventure seekers alike.

Some exciting additions to our site beside vehicle information is a short history lesson on the Ariel history timeline that we hope you enjoy. 

We also started a FAQ page to help with common questions that we hear on a routine basis.....but by all means if you can't find the answer you are looking for on our site please feel free to contact us. 

Stay tuned to this section for updates going forward.  We appreciate you taking the time to view our new Ariel North America page.

Thank you,

Mark Swain - Vice President
TMI AutoTech, Inc.





Ariel North America - Florida Dealer Opening!

The Ariel Atom 3S will be on display as we welcome the Florida Market

Known for it's sunny days and year-round warm temperatures, Florida is the perfect stomping ground for the Ariel model line. With several owners already taking advantage of the endless driving season, we are happy to announce that the brand will have an authorized Sales and Service point in the state. This will allow easier access to one of the most exotic driving experiences available along with providing the customer service our clients expect. Join us this weekend for a "meet & greet" of the Ariel Atom 3S at Two Wheels World in Pompano Beach, FL.