The Ariel Atom 3S

"Ariel’s small ultralight gets more power" - Autoweek

The Flagship...

Please welcome the Ariel Atom 3S.  This vehicle has a fully intercooled turbocharging system that mates well with the Honda 2.4L engine with a major focus on performance and reliability.  Owners will be happy to know that both goals have been met while pushing the engine to 365 bhp.  Additional cooling radiators for the turbo are neatly packaged in the aerodynamic twin side pods which are unique to the Atom 3S.

The Atom's well known pushrod suspension system keeps the Atom 3S glued to the road with the assistance of JRi adjustable dampers featuring a two piece spring layout.  These dampers have been valved and extensively tested for this vehicle providing an ample adjustment range for both road and track.

All Atom 3S feature a full glass windscreen to allow for a clear view ahead while seated in the race inspired composite seat.  A full LCD display allows for easy viewing of data such as speed, RPM, gear position, as well as water temperature and fuel level.

Atom 3S Specifications


• 365 bhp @7500 RPM • 310 lbs/ft torque @4400 RPM

• 0-60mph: <2.8 sec • 0-100mph: 6.7 sec

• 1/4 mile: ≈ 10.7 sec • VIR Full Course: 1:58

1450 lbs


  • Turbocharged Honda 2.4L i-VTEC (K24Z7)
  • 6-Speed Manual gearbox w/ limited slip differential
  • Performance Clutch
  • Proprietary Intake/Exhaust System
  • Primary aluminum radiator (front)
  • Secondary aluminum radiator (right pod)
  • Air:Water intercooler (left pod)


  • JRi adjustable dampers w/ 2 piece coil spring
  • Double unequal length fabricated wishbones
  • Aluminum bell cranks w/ needle roller bearings
  • Adjustable suspension pushrods
  • Adjustable inboard joint and outboard rod ends
  • Lightweight fabricated uprights
  • Quick Ratio alloy Rack & Pinion
  • Quick-Release motorsport suede steering wheel


  • Alcon Motorsport Four-Piston Calipers
  • 290mm Alcon Big Brake Kit w/2-Piece Vented Discs
  • Cockpit Adjustable Front/Rear Brake Bias
  • Tilton Adjustable Aluminum Pedal Box
  • Tilton Paired Front/Rear Master Cylinders
  • Full Length Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Performance Pad Fiction Material
  • Parking Brake Kit Standard            


  • 5-Spoke Motorsport Wheels - F:15x7 R:16x8
  • Toyo R888R Tires - F:205/50/15 R:245/45/16

Vehicle Electronics

  • Traction Control - Five level adjustment (incl. off)
  • LCD back lit digital dash with speed, RPM, temperature, fuel level,  odometer, gear position, and shift-light display
  • Competition master safety switch
  • RFID Electronic Immobilizer System (two fobs)
  • Full light Package Standard

Engine electrical/Fuel

  • Indirect multi-port grouped fuel injection
  • Proprietary tuned Hondata engine management
  • Continuous flow Marwal 3.5 bar fuel pump
  • Twin Fuel Filters
  • 10 gallon aluminum fuel tank


  • Engineered Jig Utilization
  • Primary TIG / Secondary MIG welds
  • CNC Component Construction
  • Laser Cut/Notched
  • Crew/DOM Low Carbon Steel
  • Aluminum bulkheads
  • 244 point primary/secondary QC inspection
  • Powder Coat Finish (Chassis)
  • Hand Laid Gel-Coated Composite Body Panels
  • Wet Carbon Options (Bonnet, Dash Surround, Fenders, Airbox Cover/Snorkel


  • Length: 3410mm
  • Height: 1195mm
  • Width: 1890mm
  • Track: 1600mm
  • Wheelbase: 2345mm  



Pricing & Options

The Ariel Atom 3S has the most aggressive and mind blowing performance figures yet for the Ariel atom 3 platform. Click the link below for a full Option & pricing list:

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